Why can´t a bike be foldable but still look like a classical and aesthetical bike? That is the question that started it all. Driven by the vision to bring two seemingly contradictory ideas into one concept, we designed Fiiz. It combines all the benefits of a folding bike with the feels and aesthetics of a classic diamond frame bicycle. Simplicity in form and handling are our core ideals.


We care about design. For us, good design goes beyond styling and beautiful shapes. At Kruschhausen Cycles, good design means we care about ergonomics, functionality, sustainability, aesthetics and character. Fiiz is the consolidation of all these principles.


For us, bicycles are more than just a means of transportation. We are enthusiastic cyclists and bicycles are part of our lifestyle. Riding our bikes is how we stay active and help the environment at the same time. Moreover, we believe that each bike on the street means one less car on the city’s roads. Fiiz as an enhancement to the existing mobility offers in urban environments as it seamlessly integrates with public transport, but also as a contribution to environmental sustainability.